Sustainability Mission

A note on sustainability:

Operating sustainably is extremely important to me, and I am committed to continuing to take steps towards my goals with every season and every drop of Molly Merch.

The aprons in this collection are all cut, sewn, and dyed locally, in factories near me in Los Angeles. The additional custom garment dyed items, such as the hoodie, crewneck and blue tote bag are also dyed in Los Angeles in addition to all screen printing and embroidery. 

The garments are not produced until the sale has come to a close, and all orders are accounted for, so as to minimize wasted and unsold products. If you purchase multiple items at once from this collection, you will receive them not as they are finished being created in the factory, but all together, once every item is ready to ship, to avoid unnecessary material waste through the shipment of multiple packages.

As this line of merch continues to grow and expand, we will be working towards an even more sustainable brand. Below are some of our goals, and milestones:

  1. Source organic and recycled cotton for as many of the products as possible.
  2. Design collections around dead stock fabrics which would use less water, electricity and resources in the manufacturing process.
  3. Use organic dyes on all garment dyed products.
  4. Pledge to use local factories and facilities to decrease the fuel and materials used to ship products.
  5. Ship items with as little packaging as possible using biodegradable materials where available.